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The bare minimum is the best choice.

Each type of Layertech has its own standard parameters of application, but they can be modified, within a certain range, as per your needs. Layertech is applied with a hot roller machine and you can adjust the application variables, such as temperature, pressure and speed, according to the type of leather and to the final result you want to get.

Layertech is applied with a hot roller machine
Explanatory drawing of Layertech application (section view)

The temperature has the function to gel the layers that compose Layertech so that they bind each other and melt to the leather. The recommended temperature is the minimum necessary to reach the fusion (between 80° and 160° C).


The pressure spreads the gelled substances uniformly. As it varies according to the type and diameter of rolls, thickness and material of the transport belt, etc., it is clear that the features of the hot roller machine can considerably affect the production efficiency. The recommended pressure is, once again, the minimum necessary to obtain a homogeneous and complete transfer (between 40 and 120atm).


The speed has to be sufficient to allow the gelling and the transfer of the substances, from 2 to 5 meters/minute. Some companies use Layertech at a speed of 8/9 meters/minute.

Other parameters

Productivity is therefore affected by the size and the quantity of the leather and by the ability of the operators who manage the loading and unloading operations. It is understood that the recommended application parameters can vary significantly so it is up to the finishing technician to make the best choice.

Software for predictive simulation on productivity

No finishing has ever been so fast.

Layertech is certainly the fastest finishing available on the market; it is sufficient to pass the leather through the hot roller machine and it comes out finished. With an average speed of approximately 4 meters/minute and a 150cm width bobbin you can easy realize the square meters that you can obtain per unit of time. The finishing timing varies according to different factors such as speed, size and quantity of the leather and the operator skills; small size leathers allow the operator to estimate productivity while the feed rate will make the difference when using large size leathers. For these reasons ChimontGroup provides software for predictive simulation on productivity and, thanks to the specific characteristics of Layertech (i.e. immediate verification of the result), you can also make a real and complete control of the operating costs.