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It hides imperfections but does not cover the leather: magic or reality?

Layertech is based on the principle of hiding imperfections without covering the leather, which is not magic, but a natural effect, due to how our brain perceives visual stimuli. Visual perception is the consequence of how our brain interprets our interactions with the environment; what we see is not the object of our vision, but how our brain represents the external world. Thanks to the layering of the substances, the way they are transferred onto the leather and the manner in which they crosslink once applied, the coloured surface ends up fragmented, just like any other natural surface, and the image our brain recreates is of a better quality, than the actual object. This explains the camouflage effect, but also allows us to appreciate one of the advantages of finishing with Layertech; i.e. improving the quality of the leather: "from low to high quality", but also "from high to top quality". Layertech: less product, a better selection of leather, more benefits.

Explanatory video of the effects created by light when through Layertech

Colour depth and natural look of the surface.

The transparency effect is due to the visual perception and, in part to another, just as natural, effect named "cognitive perception". Cognitive perception is a virtual reconstruction stimulated by the vision and created by the brain which, based on its own knowledge and leanings, reconstructs the image in the easiest way for it; in practice what we see is assimilated to what we know. The layered structure of Layertech along with the particular composition and combination of the layers generate a combined effect of reflection, refraction and diffraction in which the light is expanded, deformed and kept, and produce an extraordinary effect of depth that our cognitive perception accentuates. The hold-inside lightness adds up to the camouflage effect exalting the transparency of the dyes, whether aniline or pigments. Colours look deeper, brighter and more intense and the leather surface results absolutely natural. Layertech is a brilliant example of biomimetic design as it is inspired by natural phenomena, which it exalts to achieve exceptional results.

Intensity and depth of colour together with lightness and softness.

Layertech is able to mask defects in a single simple step and to give depth and brightness to colours, but it also has two further essential functions: it stabilizes the surface of the leather and evens out its levels of absorption. Layertech does not alter the surface of the leather as it is a "dry finishing", with no need for solvents, water or any other liquid. This means that natural shrinkage of the leather can be avoided (an average loss of approximately 3%, due to repeated spraying or impregnation and drying, typical of traditional finishing techniques). What is more, as the gel binds to the derma, it creates an impalpable, uniform surface protection that evens out the levels of absorption of the leather, thus avoiding both penetration differences (due to the natural differences in the leather density) and the accentuation of defects and the typical hardening associated with conventional finishing methods. These characteristics result in excellent colour intensity and covering, whilst maintaining lightness, softness and hand, and make Layertech the ideal base for subsequent finishing treatments.

Explanatory video of traditional finishing versus Layertech Finish finishing after 2 coating applications (view from above)
Explanatory video of traditional finishing versus Layertech Finish finishing after 2 coating applications (section view)