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Unity is strength and it also makes the difference.

Layertech is a multi-layered composite of very thin polymeric gels (1-2 microns each approx.) with a low melting point. It consists of three main groups, each with a specific function and in turn, each group is made up of multiple layers. During the application process, the low temperature required for fusion enables the different layers which make up Layertech (from 3 to 10 layers in the standard range) to combine with each other and the leather thus creating an all-in-one where the thickness of the product is practically zero. The specific characteristics of the substances, the modularity of the composition and the irrelevant thickness potentially allow infinite combinations, where the only limit is your imagination.

Layers of adhesive

The first group consists of special layers of adhesive substances with very high adhesion that on melting penetrate the leather (without altering its softness) and bind the upper layers permanently to the leather.

Layers of adhesive
Layers of colorants

The middle group contains a variable number of layers of colorants (pigments and/or anilines) that are combined in such a way, so as to achieve specific degrees of transparency or covering, brightness and intensity.

Layers of colorants
Strength and the hand

Finally, the surface group, which is also made up of different layers with particular characteristics, provides the strength and hand of the finishing.

Strength and the hand

Great results that are thinner than a red blood cell.

The Layertech extraordinary performance can only be due to its very high quality raw materials that also comply with the REACH. The basic chemicals are duly treated (with strict controls during all processing stages), in order to perform a particular interaction during the melting process at a low temperature. Thanks to special production technologies the amount of the chemicals used is reduced to the minimum, both for environmental protection and for obtaining ultrathin thicknesses: from about 6 microns (less than the diameter of a red blood cell) up to about 20 microns (0.02 millimetres).

Layertech series

Patch series


Smooth series


Bow series


Snow series


Crack series


Finish Slim series


Finish Thick series


Uman blood cells (1000X)
By John Alan Elson ( [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

An innovative process for an innovative product.

Layertech required significant investment in terms of research and implementation of productive technologies, in order to produce layers of undetectable thickness, with various substances and functions and different results in terms of finishings. The whole production process takes place in a protected and controlled environment; it is “clean” (no product is lost) and thorough quality control checks are carried out at each stage. The chemicals are transferred onto a support liner by particular systems, which is then sent through special drying ovens and finally wound onto bobbins, which are then ready to be used. This process is repeated several times to minimize the quantity of chemicals used without compromising their effectiveness and to give the colours a naturalness that has never been seen before.

He who hesitates is lost.

Layertech is such an innovative product that the opportunities to use it increase every day. Despite the know-how we have accumulated over the years, our own technologies and all our patents, our research never stops. Our development of new solutions is, both in terms of production and of application, committed to offering you cutting-edge solutions.