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Layertech is the most efficient finishing technology available on the market

Layertech is the most efficient finishing technology available on the market.

Extreme simplicity of application, zero fumes and no water consumption, enormous time saving, significant reduction of production costs for an immediate and versatile result. These features make Layertech hyper-efficient and even unsurpassable in the case of split productions. Why settle for less when you can have more?

Versatile by choice, flexible by nature.

Layertech is a universal dermo-mimetic finishing suitable for any kind of crust, full grain, sealed and/or buffed leather and splits; as well as for finished leathers to further improve their quality. The finishing technician chooses the Layertech product according to the leather type that has to be treated and the desired final result. Once applied, the gel blends into the leather, which can now be simply drum processed or go through further finishing for the creation of customized items. Layertech is the only finishing that is always suitable whatever choice you make.

The hardest thing is to believe it is so simple.

Once the finishing technician has chosen the Layertech type and established the parameters to get the result he wants, the application is very simple. Layertech is ready to use with no need of anchorage polyurethane pre-treatments. What you need is just a hot roller calender, an operator to put the leather into the machine and an operator to pull it out. Once applied, just remove the polyester liner and wait for the gel to air-dry and your leather is finished! The technician’s skills will make the difference once again as he can customize the leather as he wishes and further improve its quality by adding extra finishes, if desired. Thanks to Layertech each company can now have its own production mark and differentiate from its’ competitors. A simple finishing process that enhances creativity.

Apply Layertech, remove the liner and you’re done!

Layertech really speeds up the finishing process. Very thin layers of self-crosslinking innovative polymeric gels on a polyester liner replace traditional chemicals. Layertech adheres to the leather permanently by simply passing through to a hot roller machine. This easy step can replace the spraying and impregnation processes. Its 3 to 5 meter per minute speed makes Layertech the quickest finishing you can get today.

Very thin layers of self-crosslinking polymeric gel combined on a polyester liner
Layers of adhesive
Layers of colorants
Strength and the hand
Ecological benefits

Zero fumes, zero water, zero waste. Top marks in ecology.

The gel layers that make up Layertech (all substances in line with REACH) only need heat to be activated so no solvents or water or other liquids are required. During the passage through the hot roller machine, the gels melt at low temperature without emitting fumes. What is left after the application is a common polyester support classified as multi-material waste. Disposal costs are minimized and Layertech is promoted with full marks as the only finishing with almost zero environmental impact.

If you add up all the advantages, the results is a net saving for you.

Try to translate into economic terms what using a simple, easy to apply, versatile and non-polluting finishing really means. Well, now add all these benefits to the advantages of having excellent quality leather in terms of appearance, hand, lightness and mechanical strength, that has not shrunk and that can receive further finishings. The result of this sum is simple; more finished surface for reduced production costs, great commercial appeal and a certain competitive edge.

Traditional finishing methods lead to an approx. 3% surface waste due to repeated spraying, impregnation and drying processes. Assuming a production by 50,000 sq. m/month, traditional finishing causes about 16,500 sq. m surface loss.

Surface output through Layertech finishing


Surface output through traditional finishing