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You cannot stop progress, just ride it.

Naturally, technological and scientific progress always generates improvements that can affect specific aspects, but it can also have a generally positive effect. Layertech is exactly this: an evolution in finishing methods, which helps companies and is eco-friendly. It is important to keep up-to-date with technological changes, otherwise we risk being left behind.

An evolution of the finishing method

Leadership means making strategic choices.

Having a competitive advantage is a key factor in the strategic management of a company and means having the edge over competitors. Layertech is certainly a key to success, not only because it significantly reduces production costs, but also because it makes the company more time-efficient, more reactive and attractive. These characteristics make Layertech the winning strategy to be able to compete in an ever more demanding market.

Strategic choices

Creativity begins with you.

Using innovative technology does not necessarily mean abandoning traditional techniques, but using them in a more efficient way. Thanks to Layertech, finishing technicians now have a very powerful tool which enables them to make the most of their technical and stylistic skills. Layertech has enormous potential: it’s up to talented technicians to be the first to discover it.